The OAA is proud to announce that we now have a Cooperation Agreement with the Archery Shooters Association (ASA). The ASA has a focus on the growth of the sport of 3-D archery by supporting local clubs and making a commitment to youth education and training, the ASA has established itself as a leading force in the movement to bring the sport to mainstream. The ASA organization includes experienced archers and coaches that work year-round conducting well organized and challenging local, state, and national tournaments that are enjoyed by professional and amateur shooters alike.

What this means for the OAA and the OAA Membership

  • OAA is the sole representation of ASA in Ontario
  • OAA will support a structure within Ontario that will accommodate and promote the ASA format
  • The OAA has worked with three OAA Clubs to assist in developing a three tournament ASA Circuit in Ontario. The results from the three tournaments will be featured in the tournament results section of the OAA website
  • OAA Clubs will now have the option when posting tournaments on the OAA website to select “3D - ASA Round” to identify the format to prospective competitors
  • A link to the ASA rules will be included on the OAA website for any clubs wishing to utilize ASA rules (
  • To promote and encourage OAA members to participate in the three Ontario ASA Circuit events, the OAA will be developing an Ontario 3D Archer of the Year award, exclusive for OAA members, which will combine the results of the OAA 3D Championships and the best two results from the three Ontario ASA tournaments. More details to follow.
  • OAA members can compete in ASA Tournaments in Ontario, exempt from ASA membership, unless the athlete’s results are to be used for ASA Shooter of the Year awards or ASA State/National Tournament Qualification

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does this mean the OAA 3D Rules have now changed?
Answer: No, the OAA 3D Rules have not changed because of the Cooperation Agreement with the ASA. The OAA 3D Champions will adhere to OAA 3D Rules

Question 2: Do I need to be a member of the ASA to compete in the three Ontario ASA Circuit events?
Answer: No, OAA members as well as the public can compete in these tournaments without the need for an ASA membership

Question 3: Does my club now need to follow ASA rules when running 3D tournaments posted in the OAA tournament directory?
Answer: No, clubs are free to identify the format they choose to utilize, either OAA or ASA or simply 3D. It is best practice to communicate clearly in advance to all prospective competitors which format/rules you will be utilizing to conduct your tournament, particularly if you intend to enforce arrow speed and bow weight restrictions.