The Ontario Association of Archers (OAA) is the Provincial Sports Organization for the sport of archery for the province of Ontario, Canada. It is our mandate to promote archery as a sport for all ages both competitively and recreationally. We encourage all archery clubs to become a member of the OAA to help promote the sport we all love as a lifetime recreational activity.

As a member club of the OAA you are helping to support the programs and activities that we offer. Participation in these programs is also one of the perks!

Below are some of the benefits of being an OAA Member

  • Eligibility to place a bid to host the following championship events:
    • Ontario IFAA Indoor Championship
    • Ontario 10 Ring Championship
    • Ontario 3D Championship
    • Ontario Triple Crown
    • Ontario Field Championship
    • Ontario Target Championship
    • Ontario Grand Championship
    • Ontario Junior Challenge (Youth activity)
  • Development Camps
  • Eligibility to host Judging and Coaching Clinics
  • Access to the membership portal
  • 10 Copies of the OAA Tournament Directory and access to digital copy
  • $5 Million in Liability Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Eligibility to be nominated as the Reg Edie Merit Award
  • Membership in the Federation of Canadian Archers - optional add on