Archery MembersArchery Ontario is the Provincial Sports Organization for the sport of archery for the province of Ontario, Canada. It is our mandate to promote archery as a sport for all ages both competitively and recreationally. We encourage all archers to become a member of Archery Ontario to help promote the sport we all love as a lifetime recreational activity.

As a member of Archery Ontario you are helping to support the programs and activities that we offer. Participation in these programs is also one of the perks!

Below are some of the benefits of being an Archery Ontario Member

What does A Membership in Archery Ontario do for me?


  1. Eligibility to participate in:
    • Ontario IFAA Indoor Championship
    • Ontario 10 Ring Championship
    • Ontario 3D Championship
    • Ontario Triple Crown
    • Ontario Field Championship
    • Ontario Target Championship
    • Ontario Grand Championship
    • Ontario Junior Challenge (Youth activity)
    • Ontario Summer Games trials (Youth activity)
    • Canada Winter Games clinics and trials (Youth Activity)
  2. Eligibility to participate in youth or adult team trials (Indoor/3D/Target)
  3. $5 Million in Liability Insurance
  4. AGM voting rights
  5. Eligibility to be nominated as the Andrea Dopson Volunteer of the Year
  6. Eligibility to be nominated for the Executive
  7. We provide Insurance to the individual member and affiliated clubs
  8. Included membership in Archery Canada provides the athlete the ability to compete nationally and Internationally plus it provides insurance that as well covers archery hunting.
  9. The use of our website to post events. As well as keeping our members up to date on Archery related issues. More importantly keeping the membership updated on the organisation.
  10. Training for Range officers, Judges and Coaches
  11. We initiate, implement and maintain methods for the development of all levels of participation, archery skills and facilities for both individuals and clubs.
  12. On your behalf. Archery Ontario acts as the sole representative body for the sport of archery in Ontario in all matters relating to all levels of Government and in all matters relating to national and international archery bodies.
  13. For your benefit. As an organization we establish a uniform set of rules and regulations governing the conduct of provincial championship events and the rounds used therein, and encourage the use of these rules and regulations at all other archery competitions sponsored by affiliated clubs.
  14. In a nutshell Archery Ontario provides the building blocks, opportunities and facilities for any person to take part in archery and will help any member to the best of our abilities to achieve their dreams in this sport.
  15. Dedicated members who volunteer their time on the following committees to improve the archery experience for our membership and Clubs.
    1. Para Committee - Co-ordinator
    2. Long Term Athlete Development Committee - Co-ordinator
    3. Rules Committee - Co-ordinator
    4. Membership Committee - Co-ordinator
    5. Coaching Committee - Co-ordinator
    6. Judging Committee - Co-ordinator
    7. High Performance Committee - Co-ordinator
    8. Records Committee - Co-ordinator
  16. AO helps to provide the following recourses to our membership.
    1. A- Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
    2. Athlete Funding
    3. Adult Travel Teams
    4. Youth Travel Teams
    5. Canada Winter Games
    6. Ontario Summer Games
    7. Coaching

This is provided for you the member and clubs, no matter what type of archery equipment you choose to use or your skill level.

Equity for all