Representing Ontario at 2024 Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships in Fredericton, New Brunswick

New Contingency Payout Program

Archery Ontario has updated its practice to select athletes from Ontario, of various age groups and disciplines to represent the province at the National Archery Championships.  The purpose of revamping the program allows for a greater number of individuals to plan for and embrace the possibility of representing Ontario at 2024 Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships.

This new model started in 2023, is a contingency based model, whereas an athlete participating in the Ontario Outdoor Archery provincial championships for Target and 3D (may attend Field tournament later in August) and planning to attend the 2023 Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships in British Columbia, in any of the 3 disciplines is eligible to earn some money by winning medals (gold, silver and/or bronze).  For example, first place medals may receive a maximum of $1,000; second place may receive a maximum of $750 and third place may receive a maximum of $500.

If you would like to represent Ontario at the 2024 Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships in New Brunswick (Target, 3D and/or Field), please complete the form at the link below, no later than June 10th, 2024. ALL athletes expressing interest MUST have a valid Archery Ontario Membership.


Please read carefully…By completing this form, I am expressing my intention to attend the 2024 Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships.  I understand that it is my sole responsibility to train, plan, and travel to compete (on behalf of Ontario).  By doing this, I am eligible to receive contingency money from Archery Ontario, based on my performance.  The payout process will take place AFTER the event, and I MUST provide evidence of my accomplishment. This is to be verified by Archery Ontario, as explained in the form.

Of note: Participation is open to all archers/athletes in Ontario across all disciplines.  A maximum of $10K will be paid out across all disciplines and individual payout is affected by the number of award winners from Ontario. This New Contingency Payout Program more closely resembles practises adopted by other provinces and allows for athletes, coaches, and families to plan accordingly for training and travel.  We wish everyone well.  Best regards,

*  In 2023, its first year of inception, Archers, shooting their very best, and earning a spot on the podium in their respective disciplines and age categories were received 4 golds, 4 silvers and 3 bronzed medals.  For their combined efforts, this program paid out a total of 8,500$.  We are grateful for your hard work.  It is our hope that this money helps you continue to grow, and further perfect your skills! Congrats to Audrey Khan Arevalo, Amelia Gagné, Zohy Wilson, Paul Konopacky, Teja Har Kunwar, Dylan Villanueva, Natalee Chan. We are proud of you!

Board of Directors, Archery Ontario