Dear Partners,

Thank you for your feedback regarding Maintenance of Certification, and specifically Renewal of Certification for coaches who do not maintain their certification. Through consultation with the partnership, we recognized that aligning the renewal process with the original certification process potentially presented a capacity issue. However, at the same time, NSOs wanted to ensure that coaches who were renewing adhere to the same minimum standards that had been originally put in place.

Through the consultation that followed the NSO meeting on November 1, we received clear support for the proposed Renewal Process that is outlined below. Following final consultation with the NSO executive, this proposal was presented to the CAC Board of Directors for their review and support that was unanimously received.

Renewal of Certification Process

  • Coaches who do not complete their Professional Development (PD) points by December 31st of the last year of the cycle as defined by the NSO:
    • Will not have their certification renewed in the Locker.
    • Will have their Locker transcript marked with the timeframes when their certification was valid and have Not-Renewed added to the status. How this is reflected in the Locker may change pending consultation with the partnership.
    • May be ineligible to coach at a certain level or competition, should the NSO have a policy requiring coaches to be Certified in good standing in a certain context.
  • In order for this coach to renew their certification status they must:
    • Complete the remaining Professional Development points; or
    • Follow a re-evaluation pathway as identified by sports who wish to implement this process. Completing the evaluation pathway will always automatically certify or renew a coach.

We are investigating the additional option for NSOs to institute a time limit for the completion of PD points for Renewal, after which time a coach must complete the entire certification pathway. However it will be critical for the partnership to understand the impact of such a decision prior to approval and therefore will require further consultation.

  • Once a coach has renewed, their new maintenance cycle will begin on January 1st of the following year.

As several of the NSOs made the decision to maintain Trained statuses as well as Certified, this solution is applicable to both scenarios.

This updated policy will be effective January 1, 2018.

As part of the consultation, you provided us with a number of specific questions. We have compiled them and our responses HERE.

We also recognize that as part of the implementation, we will need to further work with the partnership to determine the specifics of how maintenance of certification will be reflected in the Locker and how we improve communication on the policy and how it relates to the NCCP philosophy of lifelong learning.

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For more details on how this relates to archery coaches in Ontario, contact Bruce Savage, Coaching Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)