Athlete Funding Expression of Interest

The below information must be submitted between January 1st, 2025 and February 28th, 2025. Once submitted, the form will be shared with the Selection Committee. Thank you!

Please provide brief paragraph (5-8 sentences) describing a goal you are trying to achieve in Archery.

Please provide some information on the tournaments you will be attending.

Tournament Result Tracking Form for 2024 outdoor season with archer’s scores.

New for 2025 - Individual Elimination Match Play Results must be included in the Results Tracking Form.

Clear Selection

Attestation: I am a Canadian citizen.  I am a resident of Ontario. I have read the Selection Criteria document posted and I understand the following statements…

  • The intent of the OAAP is to provide funding to individual athletes in the sport’s Train to Train through Train to Win categories based on their demonstrated commitment to high performance sport, allowing them to continue to pursue athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition.
  • Only those athletes that meet the required minimum performance standard detailed in this Selection Criteria) will be considered for this program. 

Ideally an athlete will first receive OAAP Ontario Athlete Assistance Program – formerly Quest for Gold “Ontario Card” for 1 to 3 years, which will allow them to train towards the goal of a national team position in subsequent years.

Once an Ontario athlete reaches the national level and becomes a recipient of Archery Canada’s carding program, they become eligible for the Quest for Gold/“Canada Card”. ONLY Athletes who are planning to train towards this level of competition should apply to participate in this program.